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Meet the Maker Days 5-10

Here we go!

Day 5: Close Up

Day 6: Full or Part Time: This really fluctuates from week to week. Even though my husband is the real super hero of this family and takes the heavy load of kids activities, I do have a full time job that is pretty draining. Being in my studio is a huge stress reliever for me, but I would say most of the creative time happens for me on the weekends when there is less pressure to get out of my pajamas :)

Day 7: Less Glam Side: It makes sense that this day is right behind part time. Many times in life we have to choose between the fun stuff and the latter. Today is a perfect example. Its a snowy day here in Maine and we are staring down another extremely busy school week with day light saving stealing one more precious hour from us! I should have woken up early and started the cleaning train, laundry for the week, meal prepping, clean the fridge....the list goes on. Instead, I slept until 11 and am now enjoying coffee and a warm quilt while the kiddos argue in the snow over the proper snowman making techniques. (Dear God, will they ever get along...) This trend will undoubtedly continue later when I choose the sewing table over the rest of the room pictured in desperate need of some organization :) Sometimes it okay to choose happy and messy, or cards with my parents, or snuggles on the couch over the award for wife and mother of the year!

Day 8: Product Range: I've never met a craft I didn't want to be best friends with. So there is a wide range of things I love to dive in. That being said, here is the standard range of what I have done with Hayley Gray Textiles.

Day 9: Story Behind Name: The original name for my little textile empire dream was Wool Room Fabrics. This is a room in my parents house where all the creative magic happens. And if I ever retire and build a brick and mortar place, this will be the name. But in reading up about textile design, I found it so much easier to find information about a designer by simply searching their name. It also helps associate any works you do in shows or teaching gigs to your "brand" when you simply use your name. So, boring as it may be, that's how Hayley Gray Textiles was born.

Day 10: You

Simply put. Un-Glamorous, no make up and hair undone, wrapped in a quilt in my jammies, watching my kids sled down our driveway: Me :)

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