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Meet the Maker: Days 1-4

Thought it might be fun to start off 2019 with the March Meet the Maker movement! There are a lot of internet fads out there that have lost their charm with me, but this one I sort of love. I have spent the first few days of March reading up on some of my favorite artists and getting to peek behind the curtain of how they create the magic. To my pleasant surprise, its made me feel more confident in my own creativity, seeing how others started out and learning a little more about their journey. With that in mind, enjoy Meet the Maker: Part One! As the days go on, I will try my best to keep up! 

Day One: Favorite to Make

I am someone who thrives on creative change. I like to mix it up, frequently, so its hard to nail down one single thing that is my favorite. For the moment, Printing. There is something so incredibly satisfying for me in that process. Two new prints today that made me very happy: Here is one: 

Day Two: How you started

Again, this is a loaded question. I grew up with a very creative mother who was constantly into something: Knitting, painting, ceramics, weaving, sewing, music. At age 6, I was given a little toy sewing machine so I could sit next to my mother and pretend. In third grade, my very first battery operated Singer Sewing machine. Junior High I graduated to my mothers 1960s Singer, which I adored. In high school I took every art class available to me. In my adult life, craft drifts in and out of my life in waves, or phases. These days, I try to keep my hands in it all: Block Printing, Quilting, apparel sewing, painting, general craft. If you are asking how Hayley Gray Textiles started, it started with a need to find a new rhythm. A new path. I think I am still there, exploring and learning, and loving every second of it! 

Day Three: FlatLay

Confession: I had no idea what this meant and had to google it. I've taken a major backseat on social media (with the exception of Instagram ) and needed to google Image this to figure out what I was supposed to do. So, here is my flat lay: A table top representation of what my creative life is routinely like.

~ Multiple avenues to craft (sew, knit, print, paint)

~ A sketchbook to try and keep track of ideas and thoughts. Last year I realized that the last real sketchbook I had was from 15 years ago, so ever since I have made an effort to keep it up to date when I have those light bulb moments. 

~ An iPAD : I LOVE historical documentaries and may or  have a brain crush on Ken Burns. I love having a good movie or documentary going while I work

~ Oils: Yep, I'm into them. Scarlessance is my go-to oil in the studio. I just love it and it makes me happy, so its a must

~Tea Cup: Its a staple people. Not only does it keep my hydrated, it forces me to get up and move around (and assure my children are still alive) when I get into the zone. 

Day Four: Tools: 

Most are featured in my FlatLay, but if I'm going to give a shout out to some of my favorites: 

~ My NEW Metallic Watercolor Pallet. Ya'll, its Dreamy. 

~Books!!!!! These are my favorite. The lack of good printing and quilting books in our local library means that I order one (or two) about each paycheck. Some shout outs to my favorite authors: Karen Lewis, Emma Block and  Jemima Flendt. 

See you in a couple days for the next couple!! :) 

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