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Inspiration, On The Move

Well, The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! Our family got the news that we will be packing up our house in South Carolina and heading back to where we consider home, the great state of Maine! This is news that is both exciting and sad. There are so many things that I have come to love about the south, specifically our family and friends. I've added a picture here of my favorite spot: my porch. Where I can sit in the sunshine, coffee and quilt in hand, an watch my kids play! This happens to be my favorite photo as I let my own creations get some sun!

Far away from that peaceful image is the hectic task of moving. Don't get me wrong, I am crazy excited for this new opportunity, but a move like this is daunting! It goes without saying that there is a laundry list of things to be done! Sell the house (and the 500,000 tasks that go along with that), find a new place to live, support my kids through an emotional move away from the people they love here, tie up loose ends at work and prepare for the excitement of a new work place. Did you notice there is something missing in that list? Yeah, Art. But when do I have time? And where, in my limited brain space, does inspiration fit in?

Normally I take inspiration from things around me. A plant, my coffee swirling, a necklace, the way my daughters hair curls in the breeze : these are all real instances where I have an idea pop into my head for a new block and it makes its way to my fabric. But I'm just not sure packing boxes and tape, yard sale signs and pure exhaustion are going to translate into great fabric designs for me! So I must make room in my brain, and schedule, for the creative juices to flow!

This week I took a couple hours to print some fabric that would make their way into throw pillows for our home. I told myself that this is "for the house" and it is necessary for the speedy sale of my home. We all know I could have just bought some pillows on Amazon and been done with it, but I used this as an excuse! a much needed outlet and break from the pressures of a huge move. And it worked like a charm! Not only did the pillows come out beautifully (and they really WILL make my living room look better) but it re-sparked that fire in me to create! How many years will I try to push that need around as if it is not as important as the other tasks I perform each day! I am learning, slowly mind you, that this is where I belong. This is where I function as my best and happiest self, and that happiness naturally bleeds over into my family and work life! I am bound to keep it a priority and find inspiration, on the move!!

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