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Face in the Direction I am Bound.

I'm a big fan of music, and an even bigger fan of the band Counting Crows. There is just something about their words that sit well with me. I sometimes have a hard time remembering my children's names (I may or may not call them by the dogs name on the regular) but for some reason these lyrics stay firmly planted in my brain, ready to be plucked at any given moment. Today they served me well.

I am a many things in this life. I have accomplished much by both hard work and chance. I am a dedicated full time employee where the tasks are plentiful and the pay check steady, but the creativity is not. For many, many years now I have seen myself as responsible. As having value in the fact that I bring home the bacon and provide for my family, and I am proud of that, but something was missing. Art. I have said before that I became a responsibility robot. I worked very hard at the routine of being an adult. Doing adult things and finding pleasure in adult tasks, like paying my bills on time and shuttling my kids from place to place. Art was not a priority. I've decided to change that, hence this site :)

In a moment of frustration this morning, these words came to mind: Face in the Direction I am Bound. Like so many others, I feel my work dominates my life and I find fulfillment in my performance, but it is not my happy place. I am not bound to sit in an office for the rest of time and look at spreadsheets. I am not bound to find happiness from miles of office cubicles. My true happy place is nestled between love and creativity. I am bound for a place where I can be with those I love and create meaningful art. So this site is an effort to keep my sights on that destination. As the saying goes, "Don't look back, your not going that way". Here's to growth :)

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