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Happy Hayley Mail Club

Everyone likes Happy Hayley, you will too. 

Happy Hayley Mail is a monthly subscription dedicated to Hayley's Happy Place: Creativity. Members will receive a package every other month including a collection of ever changing creative goodies. Packages could include, but are never limited to, fabric, notions, patterns, and fun whatchamacallits. 

Subscription cost is $20, charged every other month. Participants may cancel at any time. 

Participants must sign up by the 20th of the previous month to receive their package the following shipping months. Shipping months for 2018 are as follows: 

August 2018 (Participant sign up must be by July 20th)

October 2018 (Participant sign up must be by September 20th)

December 2018 (Participant sign up must be by November 20th) 

Jump on this super fun bandwagon! Fill out the following info to get started!! 



Thanks! Message sent.

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