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Hayley Gray is an artist, textile designer, quilter, print maker, dreamer of color, rule breaker and overall appreciator of all things homemade.  Outside of her studio, she is a proud wife and mom to three loud, yet lovable children and is a full time working parent.  

Hayley's artistic influence started with her incredibly talented mother who famously won best dressed in her high school after making all her own clothes. She grew up as the 5th of 9 kids in an old Maine farmhouse, where the "Wool Room" was converted into a dedicated creative space.  Although it no longer houses much wool, it is still affectionately called the Wool Room by those in the family. Her love for fabric started in that lovely space.  

Hey Everyone! Each piece on this site is a product of my ever evolving and never ending creative process. When something sparks my interest, I enjoy letting myself be consumed by it. It's also important to note that I tend to work in "Art Seasons" which is just a fancy way of saying I don't tend to do the same thing over and over again. If you find something in my shop you are into, chances are there won't be a ton behind it that are the same.  I hope this blog and my creations bring as much joy into your lives as they have in mine! There is magic in creating something with your own two hands and I take great pride in that process, including all its glorious mistakes and imperfections. I like to think of each piece as a treasure map that has a different path it will take to encourage discovery and wonder for its owner. I hope you love this work as much as I do! 

Textile Designer

Hayley Gray


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